Saturday, September 6, 2008

Annals of justice.... (2)

Alcatraz Island, San Francisco
Home of some very famous inhabitants (Al Capone being the most famous), it actually might have been a place of justice

Only three people might have been able to actually escape from the place... officially it was announced they had drowned while swimming to the mainland with the help of floats made from raincoats. But their bodies were never found.....

Even so it is full of tourists, it is still an impressing place worthwhile visiting

A non-renovated cell block and a typical cell...

A bed, a shelf, a sink, a toilet, a little table, a radio built into the wall.... but there was also a library, inmates knitted, painted.... and made plans

the kitchen and canteen, the most dangerous place...

what a lot of irony in one little word.... altogether there were 14 escape attempts in 30 years, but only one man made it to the other side and was found clinging to rocks totally exhausted

ironically, after it had closed, alcatraz was occupied by native americans as a kind of protest against their discrimination

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