Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the struggle for life....(2)

Another big project is the construction of the Delhi metro, which in fact does mostly run on bridges
New metrostations are finished in an incredible speed. Apart from providing appropriate means of public transport for a city of 13 million, the project also provides work and income for many thousands of poor peopleMost of them live on the construction site and without running water, sewage and electricity.
When the works are finished, they will have to move on

Garbage accumulates outside the shacks
Children search for recyclable plastic, paper or metal....
Another way of income is to collect cow dung, dry it and sell it as fuel
and the final result, the shiny new and top secret metro station of Karol Bagh

the struggle for life....

In 2010, Delhi will host the Commonwealth Games. Big efforts are made to turn the city in the shining capital of a developed nation ......
One of the projects is the renovation of Connaught Square, the commercial center of colonial delhi. During the renovation workers sleep in makeshift huts close to their workspace
These women are busy removing the rubbish and rubble left over from the construction works...
Their children sleep closeby under a pillar

Monday, February 22, 2010

the benefits of green energy (4) ...... developing india

In the west of India, the Thar desert is studded with windmills. The windmills form the background for the Cenothaphs of the Maharadschas of Jaisalmer.The windmills cannot prevent frequent power cuts. Every day, electricity is shut off in town for two hours to save energy
Further south, windmills are a major attraction at Mandvi's windmill beach
Swimming is not really an Indian favourite, but people enjoy camel rides along the beach and windmills. Some of them, however, are already broken down and have lost some rotor blades
In Delhi, this solar plant at Raj Ghat (the cremation place of Nehru, Indira, Mahatma and Rajiv Gandhi) seems to have surrendered to the dust, dirt and air pollution....