Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mecca is a two way street

Cadance festival in The Hague: a performance created by Eric Kraiel for this impressive building
"A performance about the crossroads that contemporary Durch society has come to" (The festival programma booklet")

Street fight-dance at the location of an to be demolished industrial site (see also nov. 16th. 2007 and nov. 3rd. 2008)

Monday, November 3, 2008

stairs (3)

The staircase of the building of Ernst & Young in the Hague

built by Oud ("de Stijl") in 1938-1946 as headquarters of BIM/Shell

And one of the staircases of the KPN building in Binckhorst The Hague (see also post 17.11.2007 and 9.11.2008)

My expert friend Hans knows who built it:

Het oudste gebouw werd begonnen door rijksbouwmeester D.E.C. Knuttel
en afgemaakt door zijn bureau-architecten: Th. Teeuwisse en S.F.

Het iets naar achterliggende gebouw is van de hand van J. Crouwel.