Monday, September 29, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Annals of the dead.... (3)

The Hague Jewish cemetery...

when Mr. Heijman Edersheim died on 19.4.1943. At that time most of the jews in The Hague had to hide somewhere. The inscription on the tombstone says, that Mr. Edersheim's body is burried in another place. In the wall visible at the far end was a little port. Dead jews were brought in secretly at night and burried close to the wall. Officially they didi not exist...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Annals of justice? .... (3)

The open air jail at Kelso station, California

Waiting for a train.... behind bars
The thing was found on somebodies private property and gloriously restored to its original location, albeit not function

Annals of justice.... (2)

Alcatraz Island, San Francisco
Home of some very famous inhabitants (Al Capone being the most famous), it actually might have been a place of justice

Only three people might have been able to actually escape from the place... officially it was announced they had drowned while swimming to the mainland with the help of floats made from raincoats. But their bodies were never found.....

Even so it is full of tourists, it is still an impressing place worthwhile visiting

A non-renovated cell block and a typical cell...

A bed, a shelf, a sink, a toilet, a little table, a radio built into the wall.... but there was also a library, inmates knitted, painted.... and made plans

the kitchen and canteen, the most dangerous place...

what a lot of irony in one little word.... altogether there were 14 escape attempts in 30 years, but only one man made it to the other side and was found clinging to rocks totally exhausted

ironically, after it had closed, alcatraz was occupied by native americans as a kind of protest against their discrimination

High school musical revisited....

Normal....? Justine, Central Valley, California
Shoshone, California.... 4 children?
Amboy, California ...... abandoned

Desert's new use...

Tourists having a picknick in front of the deserted US post office, Kelso station

Boring desert ..... RV owner setting his satellite dish in a RV park at Shoshone, CA

Annals of the dead (2): Lonesome grave

Leaving more questions than giving answers....
The sign says:
Lorenza McKellips Larkin
died in infancy 1874 4 years old

Living in the desert (2)

The desert conserves well. People come and leave ..... everything behind they had brought. And it seems to stay forever

Marsian landscape

The road between 29 Palms and Amboy, California, crosses the dried out bed of a salt lake. But even in this barren landscape, somebody has found a profitable resource....

A company in Amboy, which is basically a ghost town, mines the salt deposits and adds color to the flat whiteness

the black cinder cone in the back is Amboy crater, an old volcano